Using the EVA System App with the MDM

Using the EVA System App together with the MDM

Once the MDM has been installed on the designated phone, all other apps are uninstalled.

However, there are still a few shorts steps necessary to make the use of the EVA System more convenient.

Please follow the steps below:

Updating the EVA System App

Although the EVA System App (CervDx) updates automatically, it is still recommended to manually check the MaaS360 App for any pending EVA System App updates every 6 weeks.

1. Open the MaaS360 App and select “App Catalog.”

4. If there are any pending EVA System App updates, the words “Update” will be seen in the place of “Installed”.

Finding the Device ID

1. In the homescreen, tap on MaaS360.

2. Tap on “Settings.”

3. Tap on “My Device.”

4. Locate “MaaS360.”

Cleaning up the home screen

1. Locate the Mass360 App on your phone (you may need to swipe right to the next screen). Tap and hold the App, and then drag the App to the main screen.

Repeat the process with the EVA System App (CervDX).

2. To clean up your phone’s main menu, tap and hold your finger on any app not related to the EVA System or MaaS360 and drag the icons to the trashcan located at the top of the screen.

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