Transferring information to local storage

Using the EVA System when it is disconnected from Web Storage

It is possible to use the EVA System disconnected from the secure, HIPAA- compliant Web Storage. In this case, patient information and images are transferred directly from the EVA System to the provider’s computer. To do so:

1. Tap on the “Export Session” icon at the top right corner.


2. Tap on “Continue” to export patient information and images.


3. The EVA System App will create a file on the phone. Click on done.


4. Connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable.


5. Once the phone is connected, the computer will ask you to choose what to do. Choose: “Open device to view files.”

6. In the computer browser, navigate to the folder: Download/MobileODT and choose your relevant patient case.

7. Copy the zip file to your local computer storage. Once on your computer, you can extract the images from the zip if that is your preference.

If you would like to start using the EVA System’s secure HIPAA-compliant Web Storage that allows for case-review, data analytics and a host of other features, please contact

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