Assembling and connecting the EVA System Stand

Assembling the Stand

While using the EVA System, it is recommended to connect the EVA System to the designated stand provided for stable and clear images.

Watch this short video or scroll down for a text based explanation:

The Portable EVA System stand is made from the following parts :

a. Base

b. Goose neck

c. quick release

d. adapter

e. carrying case

To assemble the stand:
1. Loosen the bottom knob of the base and pull out the first extension from the base.
2. Then, tighten the black knob to lock it into place.

3. Unfold the three legs and open them up completely.

4. Screw the gooseneck on to the base.

5. Screw the quick release onto the gooseneck.

6. Screw the connector on to the quick release.

7. Screw the EVA System onto the Connector.

8. To detach the EVA System from the Stand, squeeze the top part of the quick release and pull the EVA System away from the Stand.

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