Sharing Cases Securely

Sharing Cases With Others

Sharing cases securely with others

1. To initiate a conversation, click on the conversation icon at the top right.

2. Enter the name or email of the user you wish to invite to the conversation.

3. You can choose a name or email from the drop down list, or type in the full name.
Click on “add” to add the user to the conversation.

4. If the user is registered with the EVA System Portal, they will receive an automatic notification notifying them that they were invited to a conversation.

5. If the user is not registered, they will be invited to create a user. Upon completion they will be able to join the conversation directly.

6. To add another user, tap on the “Add user” icon on the left of the existing user names (1). Next, tap on “Add” to the bottom right of the name entered.

7. You can rename a case by clicking on the pencil icon at the top left corner of the conversation bar (1).

8. You can hide the conversation bar by clicking on the conversation icon (2) or hide icon (3).

9. You can post messages to the conversation by entering text at the bottom of the conversation bar (4).

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