Installing the Mobile Device Management App for new users

Installing the Mobile Device Management (MDM) App

For the EVA System Device to properly function, the designated phone needs to have two apps installed:

1) The EVA System App
2) The Mobile Device Management (MDM) App.

The Mobile Management App utilized in the EVA System is called MaaS360 MDM App for Android (by IBM).

The MaaS360 will enable your Device to automatically receive EVA System App updates, as well as notifications sent to users.

To enable its functionality, you will need to download it onto your Device’s phone.


1. Turn on the phone and ensure the battery is charged more than 85%.

2. Make sure you are connected to your local Wifi network.

3. Open the browser on the phone by tapping on the “Internet” icon on the bottom right.

4. Tap on the address bar at the top and type in:

5. Tap on “Download.”

6. Once downloaded, tap on the small arrow found at the top right of the screen. If that arrow does not show, tap on the app drawer (the circle with the six dots in the bottom middle of the screen) and tap on “Downloads.”

7. Tap on the file with “MaaS360” in it’s name.

8. Select install.

9. A pop-up notification will appear. Tap on Settings.

9. Enter the email address and the Corporate ID sent to you over email from and choose “Continue.”

If you did not receive such an email please contact

10. Enter the 7 character code sent to you over email and choose “Continue.”

If you did not received the code please contact

11. Select “Continue” again.

12. Check the box of the terms and select “Continue.”

13. Select “Continue” again.

14. Select “Activate.”

15. Check the box after reading the terms and conditions and tap on “Confirm.”

16. Close the MaaS360 and wait a few seconds for the policy update. 

17. After a few seconds the security policies screen will appear.

18. Choose “Encrypt Device.” Connect the phone to a charger if necessary. 

19. Select “Encrypt Device.” This step will take only a few minutes.
**Important: DO NOT select Fast Encryption.

20. Once the phone finishes the encryption process, choose “Change Device Passcode”, then choose “PIN” and enter a 4 digit passcode of your choosing.

Please be sure to write down the passcode. If you forget it, please contact

21. Select “Continue” and then re-enter same PIN.
22. Select “OK,” then “Done” and return to the Homepage of the phone.
23. Disconnect the charger if necessary. 

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