Using The EVA Web Portal

Using the EVA System Online Portal

Logging in

1. Open a browser and navigate to

2. Enter your username and password. If you forgot your password, choose “forgot password.”

3. You will be logged into the main portal page and presented with the cases you have collected. Program coordinators will see all cases collected by their organization.

Reviewing cases

1. Cases are presented in chronological order.

2. You can search for a specific case according to patient ID, name or location (1).

3. You can also filter according to provider names, decision or date (2).

4. To review a specific case, click anywhere on the case row (3).

5. Show, add, or hide annotations by choosing the relevant icon (1).

6. Scroll between the images of the case with the left and right arrows, found below the main image (2).

7. Add notes to a case by entering text in the relevant field (3) and pressing “Add” (4).

1. To initiate a conversation, click on the conversation icon at the top right.

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