EVA App Settings

The EVA System App Settings

A. Accessing the Settings

1. To access settings enter the patient list screen (the main screen after login).

2. Settings can be accessed by tapping the three dots icon in the top right corner.

B. What can you do in the EVA App Settings?

1. On the settings screen you can:

  • Turn on/off information transfer through the cellular network as well as Wi-Fi (1). This is possible only when there is a SIM card with data inserted into the phone.
  • Turn on/off “Colposcope Mode,” which inverts the images when the lens is attached (2).
  • Turn on the “Hand Gesture Capture” feature, that allows you to capture images without touching the screen (3).
  • Determine the default zoom level (4).
  • Change the default language (5).
  • Check “Sync Status” of images with the online cloud storage (6).
  • Review the version of the app you are using, the release date of the app and the Device ID.

2. Below the app details, you will find options to seek help from MobileODT online, read more about MobileODT, the terms of use and privacy policy, and the open source licenses on the app.

3. If you need to send troubleshooting information, simply tap on the bottom line.

4. Then, press “OK.”

The EVA System transfers information automatically to a secure HIPAA-compliant Web Storage. Once information has transferred, you can review cases, perform quality assurance, export cases, remotely consult with other providers, get data insights and more through the EVA System Web Portal.

To learn about transferring information to the Web Storage, and how to access your cases through the online Web Portal, CLICK HERE.

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