Cleaning the EVA System

  • Caring for the EVA System

⇒  We recommend that you consistently carry out the measures described below, to ensure long-term and trouble-free functioning.

♦  Storage
When not in use, it is recommended to store the EVA System Device in its protective case to minimize dust contamination.

♦  Lens Care
The lens should be kept free from loose debris or particulate matter that may block the field of view. In the event of dirt or smudges appearing on the surface, clean the lens with a soft cloth or lens wipe. Do not use towels or direct fingers.

♦  Maintaining / Cleaning the Body of the device
It is recommended to clean the device between each and every use to prevent dirt accumulation and cross contamination using a soft dry cloth. Make sure not to immerse the cloth in any cleaning solutions and to not use corrosive materials, strong cleaning detergents, concentrated or diluted alcohol, etc

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