Using EVA with ChromeCast

Before you start:
Make sure you have a Google account.
If you don't have one, create an account through a browser from Google.
To set-up the connection with ChromeCast:
1. Make sure you have a Google account
2. Send us your device ID: on the main screen of the phone tap of MaaS360 -> Settings -> My Device -> Device ID
3. We will push the Google Home App, as well as the Google Play app to your phone.
4. Connect the Chromecast to the power supply and TV (via HDMI).
5. Connect EVA to local WiFi.
6. Go through the setup process in Google Home app.
7. Restart the Google Home app.
8. Go to the screen sharing in the top left corner.
9. When you can see the screen mirroring on the TV, go to EVA app and perform an examination.

How to use the app during an examination:
1. Go into the EVA App, start a new examination.
2. Once the visualization screen (the "camera" screen) change to the Google Home App by tapping on the bottom left button that brings up all the different Apps currently open.
3. Enable the mirroring in the Google Home App and go back to the EVA App.
4. It will save patient from seeing to many background things.

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