Charging the EVA System

Charging the EVA System

A. Charging the EVA System Device

To charge the EVA System Device, connect the USB charger into the charging port found on the side of the Device. Connect the cable to an electrical outlet with the a USB electrical port adapter compatible with your countries electric outlet or to a computer.

A series of LED indicator lights reside above the charging port on the left side of the Device.

When the Device is turned on, the green lights will show how much power remains in the battery. If there are less than three lights, it is recommended to charge the Device.

When properly connected to the charger, the Battery Indicator Lights will turn on.

Note: The EVA System cannot be used while the Device is charging.

B. Charging the phone

To charge the phone, connect the USB charger into the charging port of the phone, found at the bottom of the phone.

To access the port, raise the phone-charger cover located above the On/Off Switch, and plug the cable upwards in the charging port.

Connect the cable to the wall with the proper USB electrical port adapter or to a computer.

The phone should be charged whenever the EVA System is not in use in order to ensure proper functionality during the next examination.

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