Capturing surface body images

Capturing surface body images

The EVA System functions both as a colposcope as well as a digital camera, and enables you to capture images of the full surface body.

If the artifact you are trying to capture is larger than 12cm in diameter, we reccomending disconnecting the EVA phone from the EVA device in order to capture the whole artifact.

To do so:

1. Disconnect the top bracket from the EVA Device.

2. Remove the EVA phone from the EVA device.

3. Go to the app settings by tapping on the three dots at the top right of the screen.

4. Turn off “Colposcope mode” by unchecking the box.

5. Return to the visualization screen and capture images as needed.

6. Once completed, it is recommended to return the EVA phone to the EVA Device and turn on the “Colposcope mode” back in the EVA App Settings.

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